Custom-Built Shaft

seven dreamers landed in Malaysia

We offer CUSTOM-BUILT SHAFT specifically for you


Haute couture

    Haute couture design 3D system

  • We measure your swing 3-dimensionally and determine an amount of whipping and distortion, adding data of a head which you plan to use.
  • FEM Analysis

  • Based on the data from the 3-D measurements, we simulate the stress on each part of the shaft to determine the right one for our customers. (*FEM = Finite Element Method)
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    Design System

  • We select materials and design fiber orientation and resin content rate to produce shafts in line with shaft characteristics obtained by simulation.
  • Material Technology

  • From polymer to fiber, our technical capabilities to develop all of materials open infinite possibilities of golf club shafts.
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    Manufacturing Technology

  • Our unique autoclave manufacturing methods and FRP precision molding techniques of top craftsmen have enabled us to manufacture high precision and quality shafts.
  • seven dreamers manufacturing method

  • 1. Exclusive curing molds
  • 2. Curing (6-10 atm) in an autoclave
  • 3. No grinding
  • 4. No coating : In order to have a feel for the carbon material, no coating is used.
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  • Assemble golf club at our workshop by expert club fitter.
  • We have Widest selection of golf head and glip parts as well !
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  • Finally you get your custom made club !
    Lead time is about one month.
  • Fine-tuning service

  • We offer tuning service until you feel satisfied.
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